Time Is Our Currency

Time is the ultimate luxury; time is the only truly limited resource an individual has.

Pumping Up Public Perception

We foster a culture of inspiration in an effort to reach great heights of performance and success. This assists us in remaining the premier luxury experts in the region, developing our brands with consistency, strength, passion and focus to enable them to stand out in the competitive luxury market.

For The Luxury, sustainable business is smart business. Smart business does not respect convention, it respects innovation, pioneering business models and outside-the-box-thinking. As our world closes in on its limited resources, new challenges will continue to arise for our Group, our industry and beyond.
Driven by this conviction, we propel our brands to lead with business practices that contribute to a better world economically, environmentally and socially. We believe that the payoffs of becoming a more sustainable business to create positive value for our people and our planet, make the endeavors not only worthwhile but also essential.

In light of this, we developed the Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L); a pioneering management tool that measures and monetizes the environmental impacts of our activities. Led by the insights of our EP& L, we focus our priority actions on sourcing practices, production processes, and supplier performance.

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