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We manage the most exceptional lifestyles of the most discerning clients

Lifestyle Management

The daily needs of a customer throughout a year can vary greatly and unexpectedly, be them personal, family related or business oriented. Commissioning others for personal matters is not easy. There need to be loads of trust, absolute confidentiality, and efficiency in the middle. A personal assistant is a trustworthy professional, at your disposal, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you. To the day to day needs or tasks, exclusive services and easy access to specific consultants are added to the package. Becoming The Luxury member, you, as a client, do not only get more time for yourself and your family but also moments to enjoy different hobbies and embrace a richer lifestyle.

Corporate Concierge

Our corporate concierge programs are dedicated to companies and organizations that aim to improve the personal and professional life of their clients, employees, and partners. The concierge and comfort maintenance services – regarded as an instrument that can balance work and personal time – were born as a consequence of the ’90s. At that time, successful companies in the market needed to offer clients and employees different benefits and this trends keeps on growing nowadays. We set up either an Office, Desk, Station or Kiosk inside your corporate office or lobby with a direct phone line and email address for contact. All employees and guests have access to our Concierge Services.

Residential Concierge

Purchasers of luxury apartments expect services that are beyond good infrastructure.  A service provided by someone personable, efficient and discreet to offer a warm welcome, receive deliveries, manage tradespeople, arrange transport and a myriad of other services that say “quality living”.Our professional and welcoming approach ensures your residents are quickly engaged with their Concierge and will enjoy immediate benefits. A Concierge in your property is a direct reflection of your attitude toward lifestyle and provides an asset to your owners and investors. Our high-touch solution provides a service that embraces world-class technology whilst maintaining a highly personalized and considered experience.

The offers a general view on the type of clients we serve:

We take pride in our client’s list at this moment, renowned global companies. Furthermore, The Luxury is among the most exclusive luxury products and services suppliers on the market.

Important International banks

Financial institutions

Fashion brands

Medical services suppliers

Law firms

Telecom and IT holdings

Insurance companies

Real estate groups


Private Jets

Rare Products

Emergency Request


Home & Family

Family Activities



Luxury Hotels

Real Estate

Beauty & Wellness

Bank & Finance

Red Carpet

Health & Personal Care

Government Services

Private Cinema


Luxury Cars


Transport & Security


The art of gifting

Public Relations




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